Scavenger Pump

   The Pit Scavenger Pump is used in cases where piston damage has created leaks beyond what a

   pit bucket can contain. This Pump automatically returns excess oil back to your pump unit reservoir.

   Made of the best materials it also has an external float to prevent water from being introduced into

   you oil system if your pit is flooded.


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Submersible Tank Heater

  •   Hydraulic oil tank heater is used to keep oi at a static temperature duringcooler weather.

  • This allows more accurate leveling operation for older units that do not have an automatic oil heating system.


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Soft Start Line Starter

   Siemens soft start line starter

   This device takes the place of he old open contact line starter. It uses IGBT technology to reduce inrush

   voltage extending the life of your pump motor. It also has a voltage phase monitor built in that will

   prevent your motor  from trying to run during brown outs or phase loss conditions.

   Competitive Pricing!


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