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  Mission Statement

      IronHawk Elevator LLC is a Wholly Woman Owned, Service, Repair, Maintenance and Construction Company capable of performing all      aspects  of Elevator Service, Repair, Maintenance, Remodel and Build work. At IronHawk, our goal is to provide superior service coupled with   stringent attention to safety protocols and a "partnership" approach to customer relations. Combining modern technology with "old fashioned values and work ethics", we bring to the table experience, pride of workmanship, capability , respect for the ideals of progress, open communication, and loyalty to the customer and the specific needs of their facility and its employees. We are a family run and operated company, with a deep seated value for life which grounds our safety policy as primary to the overall success of every man, woman, or child we may influence by our actions, words, or work performance.

   With over 45 years combined experience in the field, we represent a wellspring of hands-on knowledge and equipnent familiarity spanning machines from the 1920's to the present day. We havei installed and maintained elevators, escalators, lifts, moving walkways... in virtually every environment known to the industry. Being a smaller company, we can provide a level of communication and attention to you we feel is essential to a mutually successful outcome. Recognizing that we will w\expand expinentially over time, we will grow without over-extending our means and abiltities, thatwe may never threaten the obligation we have to our fundamental ideals.

  1.  Quality of Service- we understand the interrealationship amongst all parts of your elevators, why and when they do what they do. The goal is to utilize this knowledge to prevent breakdowns, minimizing potential for injury, down time, and overall cost to you.
  2. Personal, Honest, Open Communication- we wish to remove any mystery the elevator industry may have heretofore maintained. We want you to know what your Technician does at your facility, and what it is you are actually paying for.
  3. Safety- All Technicians and personnel affected by our work efforts will return home safely each night.

   We realize that you, the Customer, are the backbone of our industry and without your support, we cannot stand. It is essential for our mutual success that we take care of you, your machines, and our relationship with you, that we may move with you towards a safe, productive, and cost effective workplace. Providing you with a fuctioning,safe workplace, and a reliable, open administrative relationship will enale us to accomplish these goals we set forth. Togeher, we realize that we can, indeed "Raise the Standard" of overall quality job performance in the Elevator Industry.

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