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About IronHawk Elevator

"Our goal is to minimize your liability and overhead with consistent maintenance."

*Competitive pricing-24-7 service call back-locally owned and operated-all technicians industry trained-over 70 years combined experience.

  *We give our technicians the time they need to service your elevator properly, giving you reliability and peace of mind.

*Ideal technician to elevator ratios,annual pressure and safety tests available

flexible maintenance formats available.

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually

*Highest quality parts- oem or equivalent - instock or over nighted- life-extending upgrades.

    *Surge Protectors and Phase Monitoring Equipment-Deterring Inclement Weather Damage.

*Soft Start Line Starters-Lowering In-Rush Current and extending the life of your motors.

*Oil Coolers to help maintain consistent function of your hydraulic elevators, helping to

               maintain accurate floor leveling, thereby minimizing tripping hazards.

Tucson, Arizona, elevator maintenance, elevator repair, elevator troubleshooting and elevator installation.